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My Qualifications

Bachelor Professional of Trade and Commerce (CCI)

Corporate management and control

  • Evaluating the prerequisites, opportunities and risks of different forms of entrepreneurship
  • Developing a business idea and drawing up a business plan, also taking into account the special features of a company takeover
  • Designing the company organization, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of cooperations
  • Application of cost and performance accounting as well as controlling instruments
  • Analyzing company financing and making financing decisions
  • Implementing risk management measures

Leadership, personnel management, communication and cooperation

  • Application of leadership methods
  • Use of time and self management methods
  • Application of concepts of personnel marketing, participation in personnel selection and recruitment
  • Implementing appraisal systems and contributing to their further development
  • Carrying out personnel requirements, personnel costs and personnel deployment planning
  • Planning and organizing qualification measures
  • Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of various remuneration systems
  • Promoting the development and further training of employees as well as team development
  • Conducting and evaluating employee interviews
  • Communicating with internal and external partners in a situation-appropriate manner and using presentation and moderation techniques in a targeted manner
  • Implementation of occupational health and safety requirements


  • Evaluate relevant developments and derive conclusions
  • Evaluate market and target group analyses and assess marketing strategies
  • Use of marketing instruments taking into account location and target groups
  • Planning and implementing sales promotion measures and a customer-oriented service policy
  • Designing presentations taking visual merchandising into account
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating advertising concepts
  • Implementing location-related public relations
  • Further development of sales concepts with special consideration of e-commerce
  • Analyzing and evaluating the development of markets, competition and macroeconomic demand structures, deriving market strategies
  • Conceptual design and implementation of social media management

Procurement and logistics

  • Determining the demand for goods and services, taking quantity and quality into account
  • Implementing and optimizing procurement and logistics processes, taking into account interfaces and conditions policy
  • Analyzing the effects of procurement and logistics-related decisions on the value chain (supply chain management) and developing improvement measures
  • Controlling transport and disposal processes, taking into account economic and ecological aspects
  • Controlling warehouse processes
  • Planning, controlling, monitoring and optimizing elements of the logistics chain
  • Negotiating contract conditions and awarding contracts
  • Evaluating logistical investments
  • Developing procurement strategies based on corporate policy requirements and external influencing factors
  • Implementation and further development of the product strategy
  • Analyze markets and select suppliers and procurement channels
  • Developing and implementing negotiation strategies to optimize delivery and payment conditions
  • Developing supplier relationships, taking supplier evaluations into account

Sales management

  • Evaluating and implementing sales strategies
  • Plan and implement measures for general business optimization
  • Consideration of customer needs and customer behavior in all sales processes
  • Evaluate and implement sales-related price and conditions police

Further Qualifications

  • Legal basics in german entrepreneurial, relevant areas (e.g. contract law, tax law, etc.)
  • Commercial control and management (service and cost calculation, pricing, operational income statement)
  • Several years of professional experience in office management
  • Several years of professional experience as assistant to the management including project responsibility
  • Several years of professional experience in the field of event management (international)
  • Profound knowledge in guest and customer management
  • and much more