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Event Assistance

Whether an in-house meeting, the annual company party, your appearance at a trade fair, a private party, your wedding, a training, a seminar or any other event ...

  • I help you with the implementation of organizational details on site, such as
    • Supporting you in keeping the seating arrangements
    • Ensuring that guests are adequately supplied with drinks and snacks
    • Checking and ensuring cleanliness in all event-related areas
    • Assisting with routing, accreditation and acceptance of checkroom and/or luggage items
    • Control of compliance with safety regulations (e.g. fire protection, corona regulations, etc.)
    • Support with the adherence to the time schedule
    • Helping out at all vacant positions during the event
    • Organization of travel arrangements after the end of the event (e.g. cab)
      Passing on travel documents to your guests (e.g. travel tickets, booking documents, hotel reservations, room keys, etc.)
    • Handing out and collecting training materials
    • Handing out "goodie bags"
    • Checking the technical equipment of training and meeting rooms
    • Microphone service
    • etc.
  • I receive the guests for you and greet them on your behalf
  • I act as a liaison/intermediary between you and the organizer
  • I am available as an informative contact person for your guests at any time
  • I always have an open ear for your guests during the course of the event for problems and/or complaints and always try to solve these to your and the guests' satisfaction or to get them out of the world.

... every event should, for you as well as for your guests, run completely smoothly and remain in good memory for all involved.

For specific booking inquiries or if you have a requirement in this area that is not listed here, please use the contact form.

I will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.