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Discretion & Secrecy *

Data protection and confidentiality of your data during the order processing:
The Technical Devices I use are without exception from the company "Apple" and are already equipped from the factory with high security standards and settings. They are additionally supported with special, external anti-virus & firewall technology. In addition, all devices are equipped with anti-spy-foils, but will only be used in public areas in exceptional cases during the processing of your order. Of course, in this case the greatest possible care is taken not to allow anyone to see your data. Data access on my part takes place digitally exclusively via external hard disks. There is no intermediate storage of your data on internal storage media. Only your contact data will be stored on the internal memory of my cell phone, in addition to being stored on external hard drives. My business cell phone is furthermore protected by double verification. This ensures that access from the outside after loss or theft is almost impossible. Should someone nevertheless attempt to access the stored data, it will be automatically and completely deleted after the third, failed verification.

Privacy and secrecy of your data after completion of the order:
All your data will be stored by me on external SSD hard drives, encrypted and protected from outside access. The hard drives are hard drives of IP55 protection class. They are shock and vibration resistant and waterproof. Your data is safe from hacker attacks. All hard disks are stored in a special protected place when they are not in use, to prevent possible theft. In the event that your data is lost and/or damaged, professional indemnity insurance will cover the damage caused.

General information about the care of your privacy and the protection of your data:
There is a strict separation on my part between my private and your personal and/or business data. This is done, among other things, by using different telephones and separate notebooks.
Furthermore, I voluntarily commit myself to the highest level of confidentiality regarding all information related to your order and your person. There will be no verbal or written disclosure to any third party.

Secure communication:
Communication after order acceptance will be exclusively through the following channels:

  • Video call - Facetime (app) or Jitsi (browser)
  • Text messages - Signal (app)
  • Email - Gmail (app & browser)
  • Data exchange - WeTransfer (browser)

For contact via email, once the order has been placed, the relevant mail address will be sent to you via Signal. You will then also need this for data exchange via WeTransfer.
All of the above communication channels have encryption and security measures that prevent third parties from accessing content.

* All details are among others also part of the written order agreement, which you will receive from me when placing the order.